Achievements and Fulfilled projects 

▪ 2015: involved in reservoir modeling using CMG software for
polymer EOR injection in GUAR and Arabic GUMS properties
improvement for Potential use in EOR and Sand control. 

▪ 2016: Conversion of dynamic models for Staroil company from
Eclipse to CMG format 

▪ 2017: Involved in Sudapet chemical EOR project and core
flooding simulation and modeling for Hegilig and Hummra Fields
using CMG software.

2017: Technical support in Steam injection interpretation and
analysis beside evaluation and review for steam injection reports
for service companies.
▪ 2018: Participated in developing new steam injection software by
involving ass. Profs from different universities and technical team
from oil operating companies.
▪ 2018: Conducted Thermal EOR Core Flood Modeling Project, with
▪ 2019: Conducted Nitrogen Injection Pilot project for Sharif. co. 

2020: Technical IOR/EOR Training Courses in Sudan & 2-Online Training Course beside Technical support for Phd Student and researcher –Aberdeen –UK.

  ▪ 2021: Research project under the title of ”Overview and current status of Renewable energy in Sudan”